What is AAPC CPC exam?

Advancing Your Career in Medical Coding: CPC® Certification. For those seeking a career in medical coding, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) credential from AAPC is the gold standard, nationally recognized by employers, physician societies, and government organizations.

While the AAPC CPC exam can be hard, passing the exam is possible in the first attempt, as many had done so.

Beside above, what is the pass rate for the CPC exam? 70%

Correspondingly, how do I pass the AAPC CPC exam?

How to Pass the CPC Exam

  1. Know Your Prerequisite Material. The CPC Exam tests medical terminology and anatomy, so if you have not yet taken these courses, you will need to in order to pass the exam.
  2. Enroll in a Prep Program.
  3. Take a Review Class.
  4. Purchase the AAPC’s Study Guide.
  5. Complete Practice Exams.

What does AAPC stand for?

Formerly called. American Academy of Professional Coders. The AAPC, previously known by the full title of the American Academy of Professional Coders, is a professional association for people working in specific areas of administration within healthcare businesses in the United States.

Can you fail a CPC course?

There is no pass or fail. You should allow yourself enough time to complete your training within the five year period. Each new five-year period will begin from the expiry date of your current Driver CPC qualification, and not from the date on which you reached the 35 hours minimum training requirement.

How do I clear my CPC in first attempt?

Attempt all questions of CPC exam paper So, do try to find answers for questions, which you know first and then try answering the difficult ones. Do plan how to solve the question paper. Do not start with the difficult section in CPC exam because we would lose a lot of time in the beginning.

How many times can you take the CPC exam?

The CPC is a national exam and is thus recognized in all 50 states. Once you pass, you do not have to retake the exam itself again as long as you submit 36 CEUs to AAPC every 2 years.

How long should I study for the CPC exam?

You should plan to study for the AAPC CPC exam for at least two months.

How much do coders make per hour?

How Much Does a Medical Coder Make an Hour? According to the most recent salary survey, the average medical coder with no college education averages $23.50 per hour ($48,887 annually). The average medical coder with a Bachelor’s degree earns $25.40 per hour ($52,831 annually).

What pays more medical billing or coding?

As of 2018, the average US medical billing and coding salary was more than $40,000 – which is higher than the average American income. These numbers can fluctuate, depending on the location, type of employer and the amount of experience you already have.

How many months does it take to study medical coding?

AHIMA’s online Coding Basics Program is self-paced, but can be completed in about 15 months. Many online certificate programs in billing and coding can be completed in less than a year, but if you are looking for a degree, an associate degree program is two years, and a bachelor’s is four years, classroom or online.

Which Coding Certification is best?

A general certification is the best place to start as a new medical coder. The AAPC’s Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam remains the most popular certification in the field. The American Association of Professional Coders recommends that all persons interested in the CPC exam have an associate degree.

Can you take CPC exam without going to school?

Consequently, there are a lot of coders who certified without ever having attended school. None of the AAPC or AHIMA coding exams require any particular educational background beyond a high school diploma or the equivalent. That is what the exam will test. If it’s outpatient, she can sit for the CPC.

What does the CPC exam consist of?

CPC Exam. The CPC examination consists of questions regarding the correct application of CPT®, HCPCS Level II procedure and supply codes, and ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes used for coding and billing professional medical services to insurance companies.

How hard is the AAPC coding exam?

To pass AAPC’s CPC exam, you have to score 70 percent: of 150 questions, total, you may miss 45 answers. This test is not about memorization. It’s about knowing how to find the best answer.

How is the CPC exam graded?

The CPC exam is 150 questions, and you must get 105 correct to pass. You could get all 10 E&M questions wrong, but still pass the test if overall you answered 105 of 150 correct. The exam is graded by a computer, not a person. It is multiple choice, fill in the bubbles.

Is it hard to learn medical coding?

Absolutely. With the right training and a little hard work, you can conquer the challenges of medical coding and billing and land a great job at a critical time in the field. Becoming a medical coder is worth the effort it takes when you enroll in the right program.